Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Board Hearing

The Election Board ruled against my objection to placing Deb Mell on the ballot. That's no surprise as that is how the hearing officer ruled as well. We are still deciding whether to take the question to the Circuit Court as we have ten days to consider our next move.

In the meantime, I do wonder the following:

Shall the state election law be amended to require

1. That a candidate to the General Assembly be an active registered voter?


2. That the signers of petitions for candidates to the General Assembly need NOT be active registered voters?


3. None of the above, as members of the General Assembly ought to be exempt from the requirements that they impose on petition signers.

I'd like to know so that when I am sworn in as a Representative in the General Assembly I will know whether or not to offer an amendment to the State's election law.

1 comment:

  1. you know, Joe, I guess it was assumed - that anyone willing to represent a district would already be involved and interested enough in the goings-on that they'd be registered and voting. What else would the case be? I mean its not like you get the job because of who your dad is, or brother-in-law, or... oh wait...