Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday the Illinois House of Representatives passed HJRCA0031, a bill that would allow the recall of the governor, by a vote of 109 for, 6 against, and 2 abstentions. Earlier in the week the Chicago Tribune wrote: “Remember last year when Democrats in the Illinois Senate robbed you of a chance to add a recall amendment to the state constitution? On Tuesday, 61 Democrats in the House did the same thing. Republicans tried to discharge a recall amendment from the Rules Committee, where Speaker Michael Madigan has buried it. They wanted to bring it to the House floor so every member could vote on the amendment, which would permit the recall of state executive officers and legislators. The vote to keep the amendment buried: 61-47.”

Here, once more, is an blatant example of legislatures exempting themselves from the laws they impose on others. As my mother would say, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Our constitution was designed with representative government in mind. Just as citizens are the first and last voice (or should be) in the election of government officials, that voice should be allowed to recall (aka UN-elect) those same officials when necessary.

Now I want to go on record that using the recall is a serious matter and ought not to be done lightly. Still it is the right of voters to dictate who governs them and to remove those who govern badly. Having to wait for the next election is often cure enough, but as we well know, there are times when the time is now and waiting only compounds the problem.

If the legislature agrees that such an action is applicable to the governor, why don’t they agree that it ought to apply to them as well?

There you have it: One more reason to elect me to the Illinois House of Representatives. One more way that I will vote differently than my worthy opponent Deb Mell.

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