Sunday, May 31, 2009

A glorious afternoon

The weather today was Chicago perfect and I spent much of the afternoon campaigning in the Villa Park neighborhood of my district. In all I rang 71 doorbells and found 37 people home. I introduced myself, gave them copies of my literature, and answered questions, if there were any. Some wanted to know who the encumbent was (Deb Mell) or if I was a Democrat (yes). Most just thanked me for coming by and wished me well.

A number of people asked me if had a petition to sign and I had to reply "No. I can't do that until after Aug. 1." I did find two supporters --- one who thought the Mell family was "in receipt of too many paychecks from the public coffers" and one who said "I'm just not happy with my legislator."

"Well, then," I replied, "you know why I'm running."

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