Friday, June 5, 2009

Catching up

I haven't been so busy in a long time.

On wednesday I had a long phone chat with a Democratic mayor who lives in the northwest suburbs. Once again he was helpful, even if his most serious bit of advice was to raise $50,000 now. He suggested I find two "angels" to donate $20,000 each to my campaign.

Well the lottery ticket I bought last week didn't do it... Any other ideas?

Thursday I spent meeting more people. The first was a third year law student who wants to volunteer to work for me. YES! He was very intelligent and left with a serious assignment to research issues, house bills, and my opponent's voting record.

Later I met another experienced candidate who once again said "Raise money." OK, I agree and I'm doing it, though I admit that I have lots of $25 contributions and no $25,000 ones. Hey, they don't call it a grass roots campaign for nothing.

After that I met with a friend who pledged $500 and to host a fund-raising house party. What more can I ask for? OK, another zero on that donation?

Then it was off to the Northside Democracy For America meeting. After which I took the bus home. A full day indeed.

On another note I was very pleased to see that my door-to-door campaigning actually brought in some money as well as registered voters in my district who are supporting me.

Patrick and I agree that the door-to-door method is the best. Now let's hope for more warm days and less rain.

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