Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Well I can see that if you do this campaign-thing correctly, you are busy all the time.

Had a really good house party at Joan and Mike's last night. My first political speech was well received, garnered good cash, and most importantly I was able to recruit several precinct captains with experience.

This morning was spent doing book-keeping, sending thank you notes, updating addresses, and getting a better handle on the geography of our district.

After lunch I headed to a meeting of the Green Party, which wasn't held as their out-of-date website had advertised. I was hoping to find some willing co-combatants in our efforts for grass root politics. Oh well, maybe a better strategy ought to be considered anyway. What do you think?

Tonight we'll be going to another house party.

All that said, when are you going host a party for me or volunteer to captain a precinct?

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