Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday morning with my cup of coffee

Wednesday was another busy and exciting day.

In the morning I met with four digital marketing specialists to discuss promoting my campaign. Can you spell blog? website? email? TWITTER? They suggested I needed a dedicated digital media specialist --- are you listening James?

They were also interested in being spotlighted on my blog. So with a drum roll please, a hearty thanks to Hugh, Amber, David, and Carey.

After working in the union office, I headed over to the Library with my spare two hours and borrowed a copy of "How to Win a Local Election." From there it was a walk up State Street to the Hard Rock Cafe for a meet and greet hosted by the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

There I learned from an admittedly small sampling of people, that few in the Gay community know a whole lot about the encumbent in my district. I also found that no one recognized me or my pen name, until I reminded them. We do have such short memories. Sic transit gloria mundi. For those who forgot their Latin I, that translates to "So passes the glory of the world." Yes, even gravestones suffer the ravages of time.

On the other hand, the theme of political reform resonated deeply with those present. I think the reform issue is stronger than we think, though it's only a humble opinion. (See more below.)

When I got home, I was pleased to find a Facebook email suggesting the name of a campaign manager. I also smiled a bit yesterday while recollecting that recently three people actually commented that my campaign might be winnable.

As for humble opinions, I do feel the impulse of self-delusion in some of this. What people affirm to my face may not translate into votes. After all, my audience is generally self-selected into those who probably agree with me, like me, or are being polite. For my part, I am liable to read more into what I hear than is really there.

In any case, the challenge is to believe deeply and work harder. Now if the rain would pass and the sun shine we could get some door to door campaigning done.

"We?" Yes, we. I have the joy of welcoming an intern to my staff today. She's a poly sci student at Miami University in Ohio and is earning credit for working in community organizing.

Progress... It is so sweet.

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