Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday after walking the picket line

Scores of concerned people marched today in solidarity with the striking hotel workers at the Congress Hotel. I was privileged to be able to walk with them, as did my fellow union officers Pete (Treasurer of the Part-time Faculty Association at Columbia College) and Arvis (President of the same).

Where were our Chicago aldermen? our Cook County Board members? our State Representatives and Senators? No where to be seen.

As my friend Arvis noted,"If this were the day before the election, they'd be here." Arvis is an experienced campaigner, having served on Harold Washington's campaign for mayor. He knows politics better than anyone else I know. Happily he's on my team.

The hotel workers have been on strike for six years. What they want is the management of the Congress to give them the same contract that every other unionized hotel worker in the city has. But the management of the Congress says no and the picket line now enters its seventh year! See for more information.

Earier in the day I sent out thank yous, made phone calls, and generally tried to contact more people about my campaign.

That's not an easy thing to do. The Democratic party has special software for its candidates (called Vote Builder) that helps them to orgaize precincts, voters, and staff. I am eligible to use it, but I sure can't get anyone to help me access it. I have a phone number to call but having left four messags has done no good. The state Demo chair has tried to be helpful to no avail and the Cook County Demo Org receptionist has no clue about it or the guy I'm trying to reach. Emails about Vote Builder go unanswered.

Ah the trials of being a progressive candidate who wants to reform the system. The system wants the status quo.

Little do they know how stubborn I can be!

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  1. You should check out "Ms Cahill for Congress"

    I haven't read it but it sounds so interesting.