Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday night

Just back from three hours of campaigning...

I spent a couple of hours (who's counting?) passing out literature outside the Irving Park Blue Line station: "Excuse me, are you a registered voter?" I asked. When the answer was "Yes" I asked them to take a brochure. It is, after all, about name recognition and it's not as if Laiacona is a household word.

Two things of note did happen.

First, one guy took my lit, read it, and came back to say he would "Look for me" because he liked what he had read.

When I asked another young man if he were a registered voter, he replied "No, I'm Irish."

What one learns when one campaigns.

I was also reminded, by the folks who refused to even look me in the eye, much less take my lit, of how many times I have done the same thing...

Then I went house to house. It is such a small world. One of the doors I knocked on was the entrance to home of a fellow Columbia College part-timer.

PS Thanks to my good friend Josephine who came by at the right time to take this photo on my cell phone.

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